thy kingdom shall remain unruled

black king from anime ‘drifters’

Many of us hate god or even the concept of god for the simple reason that if one exist and then why are there so many problems around us, people commit suicide, murders, abuse…. or simply, why doesn’t god take any action?

Few would argue, that it is human nature and nothing could be done about it. But they forget that the former is supreme almighty and should possibly come up with solutions that human intellect can’t even reach.

Fewer shall argue why should the former create such crazy-beings (humans) in the first place? Is it to have fun watching them deteriorate? they blame the creator for being a sadist (extreme atheism perhaps).

But every allegation so far doesn’t hold that good if we go deeper into the prospect of Freedom

A world without crime, cruelty and hatred do sound nice but just imagine a peaceful world for a second it would be boring and no one would wanna live in that (I think). You say ‘why a peaceful world would be boring?’ [The so-called peaceful world if possible can only be created by binding everything with laws and limits. For example — sometimes a painting is disturbing to some while ecstatic to others. This kind of world could only be created by stopping all creative works].

A pure world would reek of monotonicity that would be suffocating (thereby death a necessity)

There ain’t a thing as valuable as freedom (an opinion). Freedom is what any living things yearn for. Because only absolute freedom can provide us with endless possibilities of life (max life XP). That real freedom should also include the freedom from god’s interference. Suppose someday god arrives on this planet in person and by mutual decision becomes our ‘governor’. Then a seriously disputable question will arise, who will be the deputy governor? :p~. Or rather how will then the governance be justified. We might eventually choose to rule him out of power.

One of Lao Tzu’s lines is somewhat like “when a great ruler rules, people don’t even remember that they are being ruled”. So by this, I can say that god shouldn’t rule or interfere OR, god is such a great ruler that we are not even sure that it exists (my point).

“A kid’s earliest opinion of god being a pile of shit begins to change with the first realisation of beauty that chaos hold”


This whole governance with less interference is inspired/interpreted from a few lines of ch-30, 48, 57 ‘Tao te Ching’ (Lao Tzu’s writings). I prefer the translation by Gia-fu feng & Jane english.

The preview image in the article is the antagonist in the anime ‘Drifters’. This character wanted to remove every innovative person, thinker, revolutionary from the world so that a peaceful monotonous world could be achieved (an interesting approach as a king).




a thinker

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a thinker

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