Intellect - A perspective

Do you think when you start thinking about something you actually think? ~ I don’t think so. In fact, what happens is you stop thinking any other thought and just look at the object and thought arises (such is the nature of mind). What intellect really does is, it cut the unnecessary threads of thought thus freeing up mind resources (cache memory), thereby room for b̷e̷t̷t̷e̷r purposeful thoughts.

Greater the intellectual ability better the thought destroying power (yeah big talk). Intellect is not the ability to think rather putting a stop to whatever not useful.
But then the problem is, destroying is not the way (I guess). It sounds awful if you think about it, at least in the long run we should try unlocking the other parts of intelligence.

Now, have you ever wondered what you have been asked to do when you’re told ‘try meditation’? One is been asked to not use intellect and let the thoughts wander/flow while one observes them as they born, live and die. One’s consistent efforts to meditate might make one see a bigger picture that is the source from where thoughts are arising. [people assign this process with spirituality rather than psychology that is weird]

If we reach that source of all-thought, would it be nothingness or oceanic, Or how it may be impossible to talk in words to describe that source. [that I could believe maybe then a matter of spirituality]

When some people say ‘just let go’ Or ‘just be aware of your thoughts’ Or just simply ‘DO NOTHING’ those bastards make it sound so simple. But It does take a little perseverance.

A Sidenote:-
One of J. Krishnamurthy quote as I remember was “ highest level of intelligence is to observe without evaluating”. Some people believe that intellect has a dissecting nature (a cutting tool) and the above write up was in sync with such similar schools of thought. (Not a New Idea)

Use of intellect may vary from pausing hundred threads to let just one thought go on, to, just pausing one thought and letting hundred go on (selectively). [I wrote pausing not cutting threads, basically talking of whole another level of intelligence where you can tag a thought to check out later (sherlock holmes level)]




a thinker

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a thinker

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